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Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

COVID -19 has changed the ways companies will navigate the location decision process. With credible economic development information available online, the days of corporate decision-makers making visits to multiple prospective communities may be gone forever.

A location’s website is ranked by investors as the most crucial marketing technique to attract inward investment. According to Development Counsellors International, nearly two-thirds (66%) of executives and location advisors are likely to visit an economic development organization’s website during their next site search.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing will increasingly replace face-to-face meetings with visits limited to select finalist communities. As an economic development organization, your ultimate goal is to attract investment to your region. You strive to foster growth and economic strength within the area. In order to do that, you must convince site selectors, foreign investors, and U.S. companies that are searching for a destination for their expansion or relocation for their company that your area is the best possible location for their business.

Attracting Investors Through Your Website

Numerous factors play into attracting investors and then convincing them that your community is the right place for their business to call home. However, the most critical step is to create a robust, modern website (read as an interactive, responsive design) filled with accurate, easily accessible information in a user-friendly, intuitive layout. Your website must do more than look great or provide minimal access to necessary information. Visitors must be able to access the information they’re interested in within three clicks of the mouse. Otherwise, they’re going to move on to the next one.